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Birthdate:Feb 6
Location:United States of America

Charlotte: I just don't know what I'm supposed to be.
Bob: You'll figure that out. The more you know who you are,
and what you want, the less you let things upset you. [Lost In Translation]

(281): i was watching iron chef and got motivated, so i made dinosaur chicken nuggets [TFLN]

… It’s just one of the many ways in which I am developmentally stunted. I don’t drive. I can’t cook meat correctly. And I have no affinity for animals. I don’t hate animals and I would never hurt an animal; I just don’t actively care about them. When a coworker shows me cute pictures of her dog, I struggle to respond correctly, like an autistic person who has been taught to recognize human emotions from flash cards. In short, I am the worst. [Tina Fey]


likes: sleeping in without setting the alarm; novels that you get lost in; alton brown; that song you listened to every day for a month back in college that still makes you grin; redheads; lunchables; going to movies by myself; toby and andrea; joni mitchell and 'a case of you'; annie hall; fuck me shoes and flipflops, but not at the same time; richard russo; pretty much anything with feathers; laura linney; kfc mashed potato bowls; swearing; a room of one's own; ugg boots no matter how out of style; schubert's impromptu no. 142, no.2; horses; kate atkinson; diet coke; le winnowing; yogurt and fritos; shorty tigers; hannah harriet hayes; thai food; ann stark; al swearengen; byron buster bluth; teddy who surfs; the meadowlands dance; burton guster; dunder mifflin office olympics; mrs. coach; alan alda; king of alaska mike gravel; fluffy, muffy, buffy, & joanne; doing moose stuff for money; allison janney the giraffe; buddy garrity vs t. tami taylor; gillian anderson's raunchy mouth; wcjc; dr jill's slutty boots; connie britton's amazing hair; serta sheep; growing up to be judy bernly; hraefns; barbara jean hart; carson aldergader; trinny & susannah; having no concept of things; the unremarkable house; mary carillo; team bigelow; t-rex's adventures; dharmaville 1974-77; mutually assured destruction; human bruises; erica/a bit of rough; polaroids of juliet; lizzie/charlie; braemore college class of 2026; president wyatt; the starks of winterfell; duke silver.

dislikes: rachael ray; talking on the phone; hot weather; who's the boss; american idol; britney spears; great books with awful endings; tennis shoes; cinema snobs; annie proulx being a bad sport; that 70's show; carrie bradshaw's puns; nick at nite changing their schedule every damn week; peanut butter; sour cream and onion potato chips; rob lowe; grey's anatomy; tony soprano fucking gloria trillo in the reptile house; andy being the villain (because she's not); pretentious little hipster snots; washing dishes; toby slash; giuliana depandi; dan brown; gaucho pants; tapeworms; alarm clocks; andie macdowell; meadow soprano; olives; katie heigl; "chasing cars" and its grammatically incorrectness; jodi picoult; sitting next to people in movie theaters; twitter; true blood; people who say "frak" in everyday life; the red sox; paulie "junior" teutel; suhky stackhouse; jon gosselin; honda fit; manny ramirez; seafood; octopus man; all the kardashians; fox and dana; lady gaga; howlers; times square; team life ruiners; chad decker; the awful lannisters.

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3-years-in-dharmaville, 30 rock, 9 to 5, al/trixie, alan alda, all the president's men, allison janney, allison janney/garrison keillor otp, allyson janny, american movie, amy/andy/ann, andrea wyatt, andrea/toby, andy with a y, andy wyatt, andy/amy, andy/ann stark, andy/cj, andy/toby, andy/will, anna deavere smith, annie hall, arrested development, astro-newts, barky fetch!!, big love, bird york, bob and hal, bob dylan, bonnie and clyde, breaking bad, buck, californication, candice bergen, casablanca, case histories by kate atkinson, cath's bling, chicken/pony, church of duck, cj cregg, cj/toby, coach/mrs. coach, connie britton, damages, damien rice, dana/casey, deadwood, dean|doug, death cab for cutie, dexter, do-you-surf-teddy?, dr jill biden, drunken hat switching, east dillon giraffes, eat pray love by elizabeth gilbert, edie falco, elephant bartlet, elizabeth mitchell, emmywinni edamame, erica evans, erica/hobbes, erica/jack, excited fists, eyefucking, feist, felicity huffman, filliam h. muffman, fredo viola, friday night lights, getting-gifts-on-arbor-day, gillian anderson, girls with guitars, grandma saracen, greg's hair, grranimals, hannah harriet hayes, hannah's two mommies, helen hunt, house/stacy, huck and molly, huck wyatt ziegler, james/juliet, janel moloney, jim dial/fish mug, john spencer, joni mitchell, jordan/leo, julianne moore, juliet carlson, kathleen york, kc griffin/mr chapel, kc's milkshake, kenneth the page, kirsten cohen/renee wheeler, kt tunstall, laura linney, law & order: tall-goren&small-eames, lindsay/oboe, liz lemon, liz/csv, lizzie/chuck, lost in translation, lucy cohu, lyla garrity, mad about you, mad men, marcy runkle, maryland!, me talk pretty one day by david sedaris, meadowlands, meryl streep, missy higgins, molly wyatt ziegler, mr. wu, murphy brown, murphy brown/peter hunt, not!francie and not!judah, nurse jackie, oren lavie, otp v. 1.0, over the rhine, paul anka (the dog), paul/jamie, persuasion by jane austen, pinning-up-against-(fill-in-the-blank), popsicles, r.i.p. oscar swag bag, rachael yamagata, radiohead, redheaded women, regina spektor, renee wheeler, richard russo, richard schiff, rosemarie dewitt, sarah paulson, sarah vowell, schiff, senator hawkeye/jill taylor, sexpie, small fake brits, sorkinese, spaghetti-strap-tank-tops, spellbound, sports night, stephanie j. block, straight man by richard russo, take the cannoli by sarah vowell, tami taylor, the alpaca, the big lebowski, the constant gardener, the golden notebook by doris lessing, the graduate, the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald, the hours, the joost, the killers, the network of awesome, the office, the postal service, the saracen, the smoke monster, the sopranos, the squid and the whale, the submarines, the triskel, the united states of tara, the west wing, the x-files, the-scarf-from-commencement, to kill a mockingbird, toby ziegler, toby's wedding ring, toby/andy, toby/andy/ann stark, toby/ann stark, tony/carmela, trinny & susannah, triumvirate, trixie of the gem, united states of tara, v, vengeance unlimited, verbing 'borg', vietnam ellsworth, vortex, walt whitman, walt/harper, weeds, will bailey, yee.haw, yes, yessjaybee, you can count on me, young mrs. landingham
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