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Haha, yeah, I've been taping it. Or rather... staying up for it anyway... and also taping it. ._.; I really hope the rest of the series gets released. :/ It's so annoying that sales were too low but one can always hope that we'll eventually end up getting them.

OH MY GOD YES! I watched it the other night when it was on! I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe.

Adding you now, too, yay!

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Hey! We seem to have a quite a few interests in common (30 Rock, 9 to 5, Meryl Streep, Bird York, The West Wing...) - can I add you?

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I'm completely ridiculous and totally lost track of this comment until now. I'm so sorry! Adding you now if you're still interested, and again, I'm sorry! :)

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Hey, I've heard really good things about your fanfic, and would love to read it. Can we be friends?

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I am a mess and this comment totally fell through the cracks - I'm so sorry! All of my fic is public over at [ profile] dancinginsane if you're still interested, but I'm adding you here, too, if that's okay.

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Hi! I found your journal through Lauren's journal. We have a couple of friends and interests in common... friends? :)

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I'm so sorry this took so long! Ridiculous. Definitely adding you if you're still interested. A "Smoky" icon seals the deal!

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Would you maybe interested in being friends? It looks as if we share quite a few interests, as well as friends.

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Definitely! :) Adding you now.

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a friend of a friend recommended you so here we are.
we share many interests... um, cage match anyone?:)

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How sweet! Adding you now. :)